We have been busy working with Metropolitan Housing, Brand Consulting & Terrance O'Rourke for Countryside Properties PLC in scheme delivering 531 homes in Phase 1.

Our proposals were accepted by LB of Barking at a Planning Committee on Monday 12th February and celebrated well by the team who have successfully worked on the scheme for over a year.

Paul Wright explains about the pivotal role that LDA played in the Landscape Masterplan...
"The design of the open spaces is part of a coherent vision for the development to encourage a range of different activities and uses by providing a sequence of legible public spaces and streets with a neighbourhood feel. The open spaces are important elements of the development and will be developed in accordance with the principle aim of creating high quality public spaces that are safe and accessible to all of the developments residents and visitors.

As a result the public realm recognises the importance of the relationship to the River Roding and the pedestrian connections through the development connecting with the wider community of Barking."

LDA Ltd have now been novated across to deliver the Stage 4 drawing package.